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Jeremy Steffens
RMLO NMLS 243008
c: (972) 998-9189

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Homestead Exemptions - Beware of Wolves in Sheeps’ Clothing!


There are several companies out there that will send you information by mail, or even stop by your home, & tell you that they will save you a lot of money on your property taxes by allowing them to file the forms! They also charge anywhere from $35.00 to HALF of the amount of your tax savings!!!

DO NOT buy into their sales pitch! It is 100% FREE for you to file with the county for these savings and it is painless! Just fill it out & mail it in to the address indicated on the form. This form MUST arrive at the county NO LATER than April 30th!! These are the same restraints the companies must adhere to – and they can NOT obtain a higher tax benefit for you. You get the same savings regardless of who files the form!!

You will need your property tax ID #.

We recommend that you do make a trip to the post office and mail the forms via certified mail; just to be certain they are received and on time!

If you have not already done so - You may also claim these property tax exemptions RETROACTIVE for the last 2 years, providing you have occupied the home you own as your primary residence. So….IF you have owned and lived in your home for up to 2 years – file the exemptions retroactively! Again, this is the same restraints the companies have, so please do not waste your money needlessly!

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Jeremy has been involved in the real estate finance industry for over 15 years. He graduated from University of North Texas where he studied Real Estate Finance. As a loan originator he has helped hundreds of first time buyers, move up buyers and investor clients while keeping customer service at the forefront of his business model. Jeremy enjoys real estate investing, traveling and spending time with his family.

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